Youth Education Programs

The Northland Coalition works diligently to educate youth of the harms and dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse through multiple programs.  The majority of our programs are free of charge or cost little to the schools or individuals involved.   If you have any questions, or are interested in getting your child or school involved, please contact Elise Bennett at 816-877-0496 or To print a packet with descriptions and dates of all of our youth programs click here.

Know It to Win It
An exciting educational game show, equipping 7th grade youth with the skills needed to access reliable alcohol, tobacco, and drug information on the internet and in the community.  The program starts at the local schools and culminates at Northland Regional Competition.            

Northland Teen Institute:
A weekend training devoted to equipping High School leaders with the tools necessary to implement effective prevention programs both in their schools and communities.

Northland Youth Leadership:
Friday, September 16th 2011.  9am- 1:30pm (Lunch is provided).  $15 per participant.  Location: Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.  This one-day opportunity is available to teens and adults who are active leaders in their schools, athletic teams and communities.  Here they will actively enrich their leadership skills and be better equipped to run meetings, create strategic plans, and lead their peers.   All students in grades 9-12, are encouraged to attend. 

Girl Power:
Girl Power is a great opportunity for middle school girls every spring.  Workshops address the important issues in girls’ lives today, with an overall goal of increasing self-esteem and positive life choices by instilling self-confidence and resiliency.

Social Norming:
Throughout the year, social norming campaigns are offered at local elementary and middle schools.  Social norming campaigns are an evidenced-based strategy that corrects misperceptions so that the actual, healthy norm can positively influence behavior in the target population.


Your donations help Northland Coalition create healthy, safe and drug-free communities for our children.