Join us for the next virtual meeting of the Northland Coalition on May 19th!

As a coalition, we have prioritized Prescription Medication Misuse prevention this year. Recent news reports have shown an increase in youth buying counterfeit prescription medications containing fentanyl. To help us better understand what’s happening, we will be hearing from Andree Swanson, Public Information Officer of the Drug Enforcement Administration, St. Louis Division, and Officer Bill Keeney, Community Interaction Officer, Shoal Creek Division.
Andree and Bill will provide two unique perspectives on both prescription medication misuse among youth and the recent fentanyl reports.  Andree will be providing information the DEA’s approach to counterfeit pills, fentanyl, and education. Officer Keeney will speak on local efforts to educate youth and provide a perspective on why teens are turning to these counterfeit pills. 
Northland Compass

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