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Today’s youth are confronted by many challenging situations. Our media campaigns are created to educate, change social norms, and reduce youth substance use across the Northland. By taking a regional approach, these messages are able to reach a broad audience. Each campaign is developed using up-to-date information and current data. Campaigns include billboards, mailers, radio advertisements, YouTube advertisements, and Facebook content.

What Parents Can Do.
Preventing Teen Marijuana Use

Conversations about marijuana may seem difficult to navigate with your kids, but a little work on the front end can protect your child’s health and safety for years to come. Parent Up is here to help! Learn more about our 4 C’s and check out our tips and tools for talking to youth about marijuana at

Summer Is Coming!
Help Ensure Your Kids Stay Alcohol-Free!

Summer is upon us! As our kids experience more freedom and extra spare time, the risk for teen drinking increases. It’s important to prevent underage drinking to keep teens sage from drunk driving, accidents, and the many other negative consequences, but preventing underage drinking also protects teens’ developing brains! Set clear no-use alcohol rules with your kids and help ensure that this summer is a good one. Parent Up is packed full of tips, tools, and conversation starters to help you prevent alcohol use in your kids. Check them out at

Watch. Drop. Talk.
Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse

Everyone has a role to play in keeping powerful prescription drugs out of the hands of our youth.  Together we can keep kids and teens safe from prescription drug misuse and accidental poisonings by using the “Watch. Drop. Talk.” strategy.
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Meaningful Meals

Research points to family meals as helping to increase children’s academic performance, literacy, and connection to family, while decreasing the risk of depression, substance use, and obesity. It doesn’t have to be complicated! The goal is sitting down together for a 20-minute family meal most days of the week.

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This is Quitting

This is Quitting is a free texted-based youth vaping cessation tool. Youth ages 13-24 can get anonymous help to quit vaping by texting BREAKFREE to 88709.

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Parent Up: Parents Have Power

Parents have the most influence. The rules you set, the relationships you build, and the conversations you have about substance use influence the decisions your kids make. Teens who learn about the risks of substance use from their parents are half as likely as their peers.

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Prevention Work Continues!

Over the past year, our coalition leadership have continued to promote 9 Ways to Root Your Family in Resilience During the Pandemic. These messages encourage adults to practice and model self-care and teach kids that we shouldn’t use alcohol and other drugs to cope. We know that COVID-19 continues to effect every day lives, with youth being no exception. The Roots of Resilience Facebook page continues to share messages that echo this sentiment. Please help us spread this information by liking, sharing and commenting on this content.
To learn more about building resilience, please visit the Roots of Resilience website.

Help us reach more community members with suicide prevention information and messages by liking the local Encourage Hope and Help Facebook page! Go directly to the page by clicking here.

There’s incredible value in getting your family to sit down and have meaningful meals, but there’s a lot of things that get in the way. Check out our newest Parent Up Insight for tips on giving your devices a new seat away from the table!

Read the latest Parent Up Insight here!

With Tri-County Mental Health Services, Youth With Vision’s primary Focus is to work with our schools and communities to decrease alcohol and other drug use by teens so that all youth in Clay, Platte, and Ray county have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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