Youth Led Programs

The Northland Coalition works diligently with youth to educate their peers on the harms and dangers of drugs and alcohol use through evidence-based programs. The majority of our programs are free of charge or cost little to the schools or individuals involved. If you have any questions, please contact Jerome Bobbitt at 816-468-0400 or

Social Norming

Throughout the year, social norming campaigns are offered at local elementary, middle, high schools. Social norming campaigns are an evidence-based strategy that corrects misconceptions so that the actual, healthy norm can positively influence behavior in the target population.

Youth With Vision LogoAt the Northland Coalition, we know that youth substance use cannot be done without youth at the table. In 1994, Youth With Vision was formed as the youth advisory council for the Northland Coalition. Youth Wish Vision (YWV) is a student-led organization made up of 8th-12th graders from 14 different school districts in Clay, Platte, and Ray counties. YWV members work with numerous community partners to ensure that their programs are available to all parts of Clay, Platte, and Ray County youth and are consistent with their mission “to create drug-free communities for future generations by putting education into action.”

Northland Youth Leadership Summits

Each fall, the Middle School and High School Northland Youth Leadership Summits are held, and area schools select students to attend these one day-events. At the summits, students and their sponsors learn more about youth substance use and mental health, enrich their leadership skills, become better equipped to run meetings, and create strategic plans to implement their own prevention programs in their communities and schools.  All students in grades 5th-12th are eligible to attend. More information will be available closer to the events.

Northland Compass

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