Suicide Prevention

Encourage Hope and Help is a suicide prevention website for youth (aegs 10-24), parents, educations, LGBTQ, attempt survivors, loss survivors, and community members in the Kansas City area. Through education and prevention efforts, we strive to reduce youth suicide. For more information, please visit

Do you know someone needed mental health treatment services? Please contact Beacon Mental Health (formerly Tri-County Mental Health Services) at 816.468.0400.

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Services

Signs of Suicide (SOS) program aims at training parents and school staff to be trusted adults to assure that everyone is aware of potential warning signs that youth may be struggling. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid is a training program designed to be the “first aid” for a mental health crisis. Sometimes first aid isn’t a bandage or CPR. Sometimes, first aid is YOU. A young person you know could be experiencing a mental health crisis or substance use problem. Learn an action plan to help. Anyone 18 or older can take Youth Mental Health First Aid, but it is recommended for those who regularly have contact with young people ages 12-18–teachers, coaches, social workers, faith leaders and other caring citizens. 

How Full Is Your Cup is a campaign aimed at helping students identify the impact their stressors are having on them and avoid “spill over” when possible. The How Full Is Your Cup campaign highlights healthy stress vs. unhealthy stress and serves as a visual representation that describes the importance of healthy coping. The three main messages and skills that youth should take away from this campaign are:

  1. Everyone has a cup and it fills up, meaning that we all experience stress and loss and that is okay.
  2. Everyone’s cup fills up differently, meaning everyone experiences that stress and loss differently.
  3. There are healthy ways to empty my cup, meaning there are healthy ways to cope with your stressors.  

Are you interested in bringing a Suicide Prevention program to your school? Please contact Taylor Cline at

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