Strategies and Programs

Substance use prevention has grown well beyond “just say no”. The Northland Coalition implements strategies and programs that are based on data and every program is evaluated to show outcomes. 

Programs are implemented in an effort to change youth perceptions concerning:

  • Availability (how easily youth think they can get alcohol or other drugs)
  • Acceptability (how wrong youth feel it is to use alcohol or other drugs )
  • Harm (how risky youth feel alcohol or other drug use is, considering the physical, social, and mental costs of using alcohol or other drugs)

All programs are based on the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) strategies. Successful prevention involves implementing multiple strategies across multiple areas of the community. In order to change belief systems (established norms), that lead to changes in behavior, individuals need to hear the same message from at least 3 different areas of the community (church, home, school, community, parents, doctor, etc.). 

Tri-County’s Prevention Specialists put great detail into the development of programs and implementation of strategies. Through community involvement and sharing of resources, the Northland Coalition develops programs and pursues environmental strategies that send a unified message that alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use by minors is never safe. 

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