The Northland Coalition is dedicated to creating a healthy, safe and drug-free community in which to raise our children. Since 2000, the Northland Coalition has served as the umbrella coalition to all Clay, Platte and Ray County teams. These teams of volunteers implement programs and activities that promote health, safety and a drug free community.

Who We Are

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Our Vision: The Northland communities will be healthy and safe environments in which to raise children.
Our Mission: Through community involvement, leadership, and the sharing of resources, the Northland Coalition promotes and encourages the positive, healthy, and safe lifestyle decisions of our youth.

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The coalition is committed to preventing and reducing youth substance use among our youth. We develop programs and campaigns at a regional level that send a unified message: youth can reach their full potential in safe, healthy, and drug-free communities.

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The Northland Coalition meets monthly to collaborate on addressing current trends and area needs in relation to youth substance use prevention. Membership is open to anyone concerned about the health and well-being of youth.

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What's Happening

Next Meeting:
February 16th
11:30am via Zoom

2022 Virtual Northland Prevention Conference
Friday, March 4th

The Prevention Department at Tri-County is hiring! As they continue to grow, they are looking for new and talented professionals to join them to help make a difference! Using evidence-based approaches, the Prevention Department seeks to reduce community and youth substance use and improve mental health through a variety of means. They are currently hiring for:
• Prevention Specialist – Clay and Platte Counties
• Ray County Coalition DFC Grant Program Director
• Youth ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) Prevention Specialist
Individuals looking for careers in communication, marketing, public relations, sociology, psychology, education, public health, human development, or non-profit business would be a great fit! New grads are welcome to apply.
For more information or to apply, please visit https://tri-countymhs.org/employment/.
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